Don’t you just love those 2 minutes after laundry is done ?

At Salon by Lavorent, open on 7 days a week, your laundry is done in one hour, drying included.  With our professional equipment, designed to protect the textile fiber, your laundry day just got easier!

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100% Self-service – simple, nearby, and fast

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1. Choose your salon.

Choose your closest self-service laundry

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2. Place your laundry in a free machine,

close the door and record the machine number

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3. Pay your cycle and detergent

at the payment center. Repeat the steps for drying

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4. Relax,

the end of your laundry duty is approaching!


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Our Assets

  • 40 years of know-how in collective laundry
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Professional and eco-responsible equipment
  • Standard and large capacity washing machines and dryers 
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Customer loyalty rewarded

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Our Prices

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Washing Cycle

Standard capacity (7 kg)
CHF 6.-
Large capacity (11 - 14 kg)
from CHF 10.- to CHF 12.-

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Drying Cycle

Capacity up to 14 kg
Every 10 min
CHF 2.-

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Universal detergent

CHF 1,5.-

Our Salons

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Get the loyalty card and benefit from a 10% advantage on our services. Simply visit one of our laundries - it's free and without registration!

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